If you want to animate a camera all over the place, this is what you need.

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If you want to animate a camera all over the place, this is what you need.

Free work

This script is written to help me with the camera animation of an animatic and other people that could use it. It is made with the ease of use in mind. I’ve tried to design this script so that the user very easy can switch between camera’s in the scene. I know there are similar scripts out there, but I encourage you to try it out. Feel free to give feedback

!It works like this:

- Create or add a maincamera
- Add other cameras
- Key a camera to switch
- You can easily change timing by drag the keys
- Realtime preview (because the use of one main camera)
- Render out the mainCamera

Handy features:

- You can reopen your file without losing any of your work. It will add automatically the camera’s back in the list.
- You can add/remove at any time camera’s without any risk.
- Three types of interface (XSmall – Small – Medium).
- Intuitive interface.

More information on scriptspot. Download:Download


2 thoughts on “CamSwitcher

  1. bake says:

    Hey! This looks really good. Does it work for vray physical cameras also?

    • Jos says:

      Vray is not supported (I dont have it). But you could simply make the camera animation with standard cameras and simply link a vray cam to the main camera. Hope that helps

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