object follows your mouse and is aligned at the current face of any object.

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User Interface

A simple button or shortcut.


Object follows the mouse and is aligned to the current underlaying face.


- Move/instance/copy.
- Lock rotation/scale

AutoPlace is similar to the auto grid functionality at an objects creation time. When you press the button, the objects follows the mouse. It also will be oriented to the faces you are hovering.The motivation for this script was Edudrive (game project from school). I used this functionality in a simple editor I made for this game. More information.

Options :

(can be set when shiftclicking the button)- Move, instance or duplicate
- Click & drag Up-Down to scale
- Click & drag Left-Right to rotateMore information on scriptspot. Download:6

7 thoughts on “AutoPlace

  1. Titus says:

    Hey Jos it’s a awesome, but i found some incorrect working of the script, the script see hided(unseen) geometry and it place even in isolation mod, and it’s tried to place object in the air. Can you fix it?

  2. sunil says:

    nice script but work on only max objects

    not on import object in max like chair sofa, etc.

    because their pivot is not at the bottom

  3. cloclo says:

    thank you for sharing this, simplicity in UI is key also :)

  4. Yannis Dermitzakis says:

    Thanx a lot for the script! very usefull!
    Is there a chance to add the possibility to keep the rotation of the copied object? I would be grateful!

  5. Paul says:

    Very useful little script there. Thanks very much!

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