Auto grid, auto align, auto.. place!
A simple button click or shortcut key and the object follows your mouse and is aligned at the current face of any object.
Supported: 3ds Max


If you want to animate a camera all over the place, this is what you need.
Supported: 3ds Max

Batch Export/Import

Batch Export/Import is a useful script if you have to transfer your models from one 3d-package to another.
Supported: 3ds Max


Extend 3ds Max to a level editor with an xml based pipeline
Supported: 3ds Max


Upload your files to a server with ftp.
Supported: 3ds Max, Maya


Do you want to mail something from max? This is a function that you can use in any script.
Supported: 3ds Max


Script to render multiple max files very easily.
Supported: 3ds Max


Do you have to create a lot of morph targets?
With this script you can easily mirror your targets without any risks.
Supported: 3ds Max