Guerrilla Games – Killzone Shadow Fall

Inhouse Freelance Technical Artist

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During my internship and inhouse freelance work at Guerrilla Games, I had the opportunity to do some awesome things.

Beside updating existing tools, I had to build some tools from scratch. Here are the two most important projects I want to share.



The GuerrillaShelf is a replacement for the default Maya shelves. This custom system has some features the default system hasn’t.


  • All content is centralized in perforce
  • Sharing abilities
  • Custom shelf items (TextField, Menu, Separator)
  • Floating/dock mode
  • UI options
  • Easy transfer between Maya versions

Item types
– Button
– TextField
– Menu
– Separators

Asset Integration Tool

Floating and dock mode

I’ve build this tool closely with the Asset Artists. It automates the process of integrating assets from an outsourcing location.


  • Overviewing the scene (Lightmaps, collision ID’s, Materials)
  • Previewing lods (placing apart over x or y-axis and create a lod group)
  • Quick preview ingame


  • File info (User pasts the outsourced path in a text field. Automatically all the linked data and placeholder file is listed.)
  • Pivots (Checks and shows the pivots from the placeholder file and the outsourced file.)
  • Lightmap UV’s (Overview and managing of the lightmaps of the lods)
  • Collision ID’s (Overview and managing of the lightmaps of the lods)
  • LOD’s (Overview/preview of the lods.)
  • Material & Textures (Overview and managing of the materials)
  • Export (Export the asset to the intermediat format. Easy import to the test level and launch of the game to preview the asset.)