Game – JazzJackRabbit2

Game – JazzJackRabbit 2 Remake

Software: Software: C++, Visual Studio
Platform: Windows 7
Date: 2010
Type: Offline Singleplayer, 2D platformer

Screenshot ingame

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[ recording ]

School assignment

For the programming course in the first year we had to remake a level of an old game (1986 of older). I wanted to make a platform game because I thought maybe later I could make a simple platform game myself. So I chose JazzJackRabbit2.

This game is programmed in C++ with a game engine one of our teachers wrote. For the assignment we had the following requirements:

- Visual Studio 2010
- C++
- Inheritance, Polymorphism

Animation is created with sprites. For the main character I had a couple of sprites.  Example:

JazzJackRabbit2 – Main character Jumping sprite


You can play this demo yourself. Download JazzJackRabbit2Demo.rar


Left –  Right Arrows
Jump Ctrl
Stoop French
Shooting Ctrl
Run Holding shift

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