Game – Contrivance

Game – Contrivance

Software: UDK
Platform: Windows 7
Date: 2011
Type: Offline Singleplayer, 3D platformer

Intro animation Contrivance – Made everything except model of character

Contrivance UDK demo – Playthrough


This is our game ‘Contrivance’, made as an examination project. This was created in about 5 weeks. Everything is custom made. I riggid and skinned SAM (our main character), made half of the models and handpainted all the textures. I’ve made also the intro animation, flytrough and our presentation in udk with animated camera.

TeamFries Boury (Programmer), Matthieu Delaere (Programmer), Marin Brouwers (Artist), Hendrik Coppens (Artist) and me (Technical Artist)

You can try the demo: download

Props with textures

Example of textures

Animtree in UDK