Maya Python: Visual Studio 2012

Setup Visual Studio to write python code for Maya in 5 steps


Instal the Python Tools for Visual Studio. This is a free plugin that turns Visual Studio into a python IDE.
- Create a new Python Project in VS. Open the properties of your project.
- Under the Debug menu add the following to your search paths (or in the Solution Explorer):
C:\Program Files\Autodesk\Maya20##\Python\lib\site-packages.
- You can also put in the Interpreter Path for the standalone setup:
C:\Program Files\Autodesk\Maya2012\bin\mayapy.exe


You can Debug your python code by clicking Attach to Process under the Debug menu. Choose for the Maya script editor


For fast script execution I wrote a plugin for Visual Studio 2012 called ToMaya. With this plugin you can easily execute your python script directly in Maya.


Maya python command completion. Add the the following paths to the search paths:

  •  Maya 2012


  •  Maya 2013

C:\Program Files\Autodesk\Maya2014\devkit\other\pymel\extras\completion\py\maya


I also wrote a add-in for Visual Studio 2012 MayaPythonDoc to easily open the python command documentation.
- Unzip the file in Documents\Visual Studio 2012\Addins\
– In Visual Studio go to Tools -> Options -> Environment -> Add-in Security
– Add the path where the files are.
– Go To Tools -> Add-in Manager… and check start for the new add-in.
– Restart Visual Studio

3 thoughts on “Maya Python: Visual Studio 2012

  1. Ionut-Stefan Dinu says:


    Download links don’t work….

  2. rob says:


    Thx for your help on connecting visual studio to maya !.

    Note : The MayaPythonDoc link seems broken.


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